Personal Development and Career Coach

CTI trained

Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their growth

My coaching specialties

  • Want to improve your well-being?
  • Interested in self-awareness and self-growth?
  • Want to discover your core values and life purpose?
  • In a career transition phase?
  • Want to change career/lifestyle to be more in tune with who you truly are?
  • Feel overwhelmed or stressed?
  • Want to thrive in your new country?
  • Want to create a new community?
  • Want to move to another country but are scared to make the leap?

I'll help you move forward and assist you in reaching your goals and becoming your best-self




Gabrielle has a tremendous talent in coaching! Not only did she always tune in and “get me”, but she also always asked exactly the right questions, picked powerful exercises and helped me to bring structure into my thinking. She made me pick and actually follow through with audacious yet achievable goals and with her support I made personal leaps!


Programmatic Inventory Lead

I liked the way Gabrielle dug smoothly into my personal life to create bridges with my professional life. It really helped me visualize what I needed to feel more secure and confident. She managed to make me feel comfortable speaking about the personal aspects of my life, something I didn’t know how I would react at first



Gabrielle allowed me the space to create an actionable plan to move forward in my business, and through thoughtful and direct questions made me realize how much of my personal limiting beliefs were bogus. She continually kept me coming back to my authentic self and expanded my belief in the possibilities of what I can achieve. I particularly liked the space she created to be authentic and her willingness to stop me from rabbitt-trailing and bringing me back to point



Gabrielle was extremely comfortable finding the appropriate questions, exercises, and insights during our coaching session. She picked very interesting exercises in relation to my needs and problems. I genuinely believe everybody would benefit from her coaching