“Gabrielle has a tremendous talent in coaching! Not only did she always tune in and "get me", but she also always asked exactly the right questions, picked powerful exercises and helped me to bring structure into my thinking. She made me pick and actually follow through with audacious yet achievable goals and with her support I made personal leaps!"
BeWell Co-founder, Mindfulness & Wellbeing Facilitator
“I liked the way Gabrielle dug smoothly into my personal life to create bridges with my professional life. It really helped me to visualize what I needed to feel more secure and confident. She managed to make me feel comfortable speaking about the personal aspects of my life, something I didn't know how I would react at first"
Programmatic Inventory Lead
“Being coached by Gabrielle was a great help during this changing time in my life! Her great listening, pleasant tone, and openness plus her tangible advice and thoughts have helped me building more confidence in myself, as well as challenging my way of thinking. Great way to feel encouraged and motivated"
Advertising Manager
“Gabrielle was extremely comfortable finding the appropriate questions, exercises, and insights during our coaching session. She picked very interesting exercises in relation to my needs and problems. I genuinely believe everybody would benefit from her coaching”
Project Coordinator
“Le côté très chaleureux de Gabrielle et son énergie m'ont tout de suite donné envie de me confier à elle. J'ai beaucoup apprécié le fait que qu’elle soit vraiment impliquée dans les discussions, qu’elle ne me pousses pas juste à parler toute seule”
Trip designer
“J'ai beaucoup apprécié la bienveillance de Gabrielle, son empathie, le côté plus chaleureux et proche qu'un simple psy. Je me sentais très à l'aise, comme si je parlais à une amie."
Graphic Designer